From concepts to Projects: From Projects to Products From Products to Services - the performance at every step is so precise that it epitomizes the alacrity of young professionals. We also believe in regularly honing our skills in a variety of ways, to provide perfect IT solutions to our clients.

In-house Seminars: Positive Solutions conducts seminars for its employees on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month. The topics discussed are the latest happenings in the web-based environment. The employee is given an opportunity to explain his / her views and thoughts on the given subject based on the research done in that area. This activity helps in bringing awareness about improvement in the approach from the marketing and technical perspective.

Presentation by Experts: This activity is conducted on the 27th of every month. An expert from the market gives a presentation in his field of expertise. The areas covered are both IT and non-IT related. These help the employees to build a positive attitude towards their profession and also make them a more saleable package on different fronts.

Online web-based Tests: It is conducted on the 1st of every month. This online test is for evaluation of the employee and methods to improve him-self both on the knowledge and professional front. This test is mandatory and can be taken from anywhere by logging on to the company’s web site. This opportunity is open to any professional who wants to evaluate himself on a periodic basis. He is given a provision of becoming a member on the web site whereby he can take these tests as per the company’s schedule.

In-house Forum: An open forum conducted on the 1st Saturday of every month where employees are given an opportunity to express their views on the given topic. This helps in improving the internal strengths of the organization to perform well as a professional group in the external environment.

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The surge ahead needs an optimistic outlook, an assertive disposition, an emphatic presence and of course Positive Solutions. And perseverance.

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