Positive with its rich expertise and experience in designing, developing and deploying integrated software solutions for different industry verticals, developed ‘PIERS’ – Positive’s Intelligent Enterprise Reporting System . An ERP for company’s which are into Solar and LED manufacturing and services.

This modular based application facilitates scalability as well as portability and can be customized to the specific needs of the clients. PIERS address the critical functional areas Viz: PPC, Procurement, Production, Quality, Inventory, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounts, and Payroll.

PIERS provide the required information and disseminates across the hierarchies of the organization with defined controls for better utilization of available resources. The other major benefits include removal of data redundancy, consistency of information at all levels, reduction of communication costs, ensuring daily reporting by various staff and simplifying collection process.

PIERS is validated by the industry experts and is poised to make the rapid strides in domestic and international markets.

The experienced talented team @ Positive makes the implementation process hassle free and quickly.

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